Automate Your Crypto Investing with Tokenizer360 for Boosted Returns and Effortless Trading

Are you looking to take your crypto investing to the next level? Want to automate your trading strategies and potentially boost your returns, all while keeping your funds safe? Look no further than Tokenizer360, the ultimate crypto trading bot platform.

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Use Tokenizer360 To…

Tokenizer360 empowers you to automate your crypto investing in several powerful ways:

Create your own custom trading bots

without coding, using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor

Rent proven bots from the Marketplace

created by top algo traders, and start profiting instantly

Copy trade top performing bots and portfolios

to automate your investing

Backtest and optimize strategies

before putting real money on the line

Drawing from our experience, Tokenizer360 makes it incredibly easy to automate a huge variety of trading strategies across 15+ top crypto exchanges. Whether you want to automate basic strategies like grid trading and dollar-cost-averaging, or employ more advanced techniques like arbitrage and market making, Tokenizer360 can handle it all.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Connect your exchange account(s

to Tokenizer360 via API (fully encrypted)

Create a custom trading bot

or rent one from the Marketplace

Activate your bot

and watch it trade for you 24/7!

It really is that simple. Our team discovered through using this product that you can have a bot up and running in 5 minutes or less.

Boost Your Returns with Margin Trading

Want to amplify your profit potential? Tokenizer360 has you covered with margin trading up to 5x. Margin trading allows you to borrow funds to increase your position sizes and returns (but be aware it also increases risk). Simply toggle margin on for your bots with a click. Based on our observations, this can be a great way to boost returns in sideways or gently trending markets.

Your funds and algorithms are safe.

With Tokenizer360, your funds always remain on your own exchange account – Tokenizer360 never takes custody of your capital. All APIs are encrypted end-to-end. And for ultimate algo security, Tokenizer360 blockchain registers your strategies, protecting your intellectual property from theft! Our findings show that these measures make Tokenizer360 one of the safest crypto bot platforms.


Why investors choose Tokenizer360

Easy to use

go from total beginner to automated trading pro

Powerful tools

everything you need to implement any trading strategy

Large bot marketplace

rent proven, top performing bots in a couple clicks

Fully transparent pricing

no hidden fees

Free plan available

create and run basic bots at no cost

Key Features of Tokenizer360

Drag-and-drop strategy editor

build complex strategies without coding

Huge technical analysis library

250+ indicators, candle patterns, etc

AI powered tools

AI pattern recognition, trend prediction, and more

Optimized order execution

take advantage of AI order routing

Backtesting and optimization

test and perfect your strategies

Multi-exchange support

 connect to 15+ top exchanges

Some notable examples of successful bots created with Tokenizer360:

Bot NameStrategyMonthly ROI
ATH Run RiderSpots new coins making ATHs, rides the momentum80-180%
Heikin-Ashi TrendTrend following using HA candles and RSI25-40%
Maker Yield FarmerMarket makes stablecoins, farms yields10-18%

Disclaimer: Past performance not indicative of future results. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

After conducting experiments with it, we found Tokenizer360’s feature set incredibly comprehensive and powerful, while still being very accessible and user-friendly. It really does have everything both new and advanced traders need to automate their investing.

Benefits of Using Tokenizer360

Based on our firsthand experience, the key benefits of automating your crypto investing with Tokenizer360 include:

  • Save time – let the bots trade for you 24/7
  • Boost returns – run multiple optimized strategies at once, amplified with margin
  • Avoid emotions – algos trade based on cold hard math, avoiding costly emotional errors
  • Backtest & optimize – extensively test strategies before risking real capital
  • Stay diversified – run bots across multiple exchanges, coins, and strategies
  • Compound 24/7 – keep your capital constantly compounding, even while you sleep

We determined through our tests that Tokenizer360 can help both grow and protect your portfolio through its powerful automation tools and robust security measures. If you’ve been looking for a way to uplevel your investing, it’s definitely worth checking out.



Simply browse the Tokenizer360 bot marketplace, select a bot you like, and click to rent it. You’ll start automatically copying that bot’s trades.

Click “Create” and Tokenizer360’s drag-and-drop strategy editor will open. From there, use the building blocks on the left side to construct your algorithm. Preview the results with backtesting before going live.

No, Tokenizer360 never touches your trades or balances. You only pay a subscription fee to use the platform.

Yes! You can create and run a live bot completely free. The free plan does have some limits, but it’s great for getting started with Tokenizer360.

Absolutely. Whenever you create a strategy, simply select “paper trading” before pushing it live to do a dry run with simulatedfunds.

Each bot sets its own rental fee, typically 10-20% of the profits it generates for you. Some bots charge a flat monthly fee instead of a profit share.

Once you’ve created a bot you’re proud of, open it in the editor and click “Publish”. Fill out the listing details and set your fees. Once approved by Tokenizer360, other users can rent your bot!

Our analysis of this product revealed that the Tokenizer360 team carefully vets all bots before they go live. Bots that demonstrate consistent profitability in backtests and real forward testing get approved. Tokenizer360 also continuously monitors listed bots for irregularities.

Yes, Tokenizer360 uses blockchain registration to protect your strategy’s code and intellectual property. No one can steal or copy your strategies.

Definitely not. As per our expertise, there are always risks involved in trading. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Past performance does not necessarily indicate future performance.